Hi! I’m Katarzyna,
but you can call me Kate

I’m a designer and I help small businesses and start-ups organize and develop graphic presentations of their unique brands. I love creating nice and functional graphic solutions. 

I’ve had an eye for details since I was a child. My mum still recalls that one of the first things I noticed in the kindergarten were the same curtains on the windows as those at home.

Today, I carefully observe the trends and development of the virtual world so that I can offer my clients well-thought-out and proven solutions that will reach hearts of their customers.

I’m also a good listener, many people appreciate the fact that I listen to their stories patiently. And the most interesting stories are the ones about someone’s passion; the fact that they are incredible at something and want to share it with others.

Therefore, I would love to hear your story. Share your vision with me, and I will carefully analyze its values and translate them into a personalized graphic design.

Let's work together

You need a professional brand identity design, but you are afraid that the designer you choose will not think through your case and instead propose a commonly used design.

I believe that each client is unique and deserves an individual project. In Incredibee we listen to our clients and together with them design a solution for their dream company.

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