It was important that branding design looks professional and sophisticated, but in the same time shows youthful and fun personality. The brand image is designed to correspond with women-custmers who like to be elegant, take care of their beauty and in the same time love to enjoy life to the full. 


We proposed wordmark – logo design made from company name, using modern, very simple and stylish typeface to reflect brand’s objectives. To always elegant black and white colours we added accents of bright green, pink and orange. This is adding positive energy, excitement, and grabbing attention to brand identity. All products are feminine, juicy, elegant and sexy.

Branding and graphic design Scope

Our personalized branding design for above cosmetics brand includes logo design in two colour variants (black and white), brand name development, colour scheme and typography selection. We also developed a stationary graphic design for notebook, calendar cover, business card, letterhead template, and envelope design; graphic packaging design proposal for cosmetics; and advertisement templates that can be used on social media like Instagram posts or in the newsletter.