All projects have been designed with an individual approach to each brand. Each graphic design is well thought out and visualizes the company’s personality. The portfolio is showcasing branding and rebranding design, logo developments, stationery and collateral proposals, social media templates as well as website design.

Jubilee is a cosmetics brand aimed at young women, who like to party and have fun, yet remain classy and sophisticated. 

The scope of work included full visual identity design along with proposing the company name.

Fred’s Coffee is a family business taking care of the distribution of numerous coffee products and relevant equipment. 

Along with the expansion with a cafe, the company decided to refresh its image. The design reflects the brand’s long tradition of working with coffee.

Szelest Design is a local company from Gdańsk that designs unique macrame and garlands made of dried grass and cotton strings.

We accompanied them in the process of creating a visual identity and image in social media, which draws inspiration from nature and bohemian style.

Incredibee is a graphic design company helping smaller companies create their professional brand identity and develop creative advertisements.

Scope of work included full branding design, name development, and web design.

Pandora Cycling Club is an internal group where employees from this large corporation meet as part of their passion.

Together they visit various lands of Denmark, reaching dizzying speeds on their road bikes.

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